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7,223 Between

Since leaving my childhood home, my family has moved many times, I have watched them slowly and individually migrate to different corners of the country. Over the course of the last nine years, I have traveled to visit my mother, in Vancouver, Washington, my father, in Chicago, Illinois, my sister in Tampa, Florida and, my brother in Los Angeles, California. With each visit, we attempt to pack a year’s worth of time together into a few short days. The Photographs in the series 7,223 Between depict both the distance and intimacy I experience within my family and express a deep longing for a type of connection we no longer share.

The beckoning of home creates a force that people gravitate towards because it feels familiar. I grew up with an understanding of home characterized by personal feelings of security, closeness, and emotional attachment. The place that my family used to congregate around is now absent. And the resulting dispersion created a shift in both my understanding, and experience, of family and home - notions that are currently lost to me. 7,223 Between explore these shifts and capture the journey to rediscover a sense of home, winding through the nostalgic failures, desire for comfort and, the mental need to escape. This work speaks to a universal experience of longing for home.